Monthly Archives: October 2007

The scouts of the giraffes

14 dedicated scouts selected from all the neighbouring communties and one honary worden run the affairs of the sanctuary on daily basis. The support of the wider communty can not be ignored also as they share with us good part of their time in managing the sanctuary. The scouts work on volunteer basis since the […]

i am writing once again to welcome readers to this intresting blog for the giraffes. it is quite hot here, the rains having delayed. The giraffes are still doing well though affected by poaching and encroachment from the local communities. the sanctuary requires immediate technical and finacial support to establish its carrying capacity and its […]

Welcome to the Garissa Community Giraffe Sanctuary

Dear readers, my name is Abdulahi Hussein from Garissa in North Eastern Kenya. This blog is about the protection and conservation of reticulated giraffes affected by armed conflicts in this remote part of Kenya. I work with a local community that has decided to create a sanctuary for about 30 giraffes in 1991, today there […]