Monthly Archives: November 2007

Life in the near-desert

Friends, this blog post is a collection of photos to give you more insight into our lives and environment. This dry country is our home. We are pastoralists – we depend on our goats and camels for almost everything.  We do not have piped water – it is fetched from the river in jerry cans […]

Perfect co-existance

WILDLIFE LIVESTOCK IN PERFECT CO EXISTANCE IN GIRAFFE SANCTUARY The Garissa Community Giraffe sanctuary (GCGS) falls within an immediate sub urban environment of Garissa Town. The local community consists of the Bor-Algi community of a predominately pastoral Somali clan and the Malakoti who are hunter- gatherers settled along the Tana River. The livelihood activities for […]

Joining the University

I am very delighted to announce that i have joined the universty of Nairobi to study Msc in Conservation Biology. I have just started the course which is quite demnaing. this is to add on my previous in Wildlife Conservation from the same university. I will based in Nairobi for the next seven months but […]

Urgent appeal for a Computer.

The giraffes in our sanctuary are doing extremely well and the community are increasingly positive and supportive. I wish I could keep you updated more frequently but in order to make posts on my blog I need to walk 5 km to Garissa and download photos from my camera into a computer at an internet […]

The giraffe scouts

Today i would like to share the pictures of some of our scouts members who generally oversee day to day activities of the giraffes. As you may notice these volunteer scouts lack uniforms which could give them an identity and could help in their recognition by government institutions. Finally I would to acknowledge the 70 […]

Giraffe Lost to Poachers

It is a sad moment for the giraffe sanctuary community since we lost a mature female giraffe to poachers last week. The poor animal was speared on the underbelly but did not die immediately and ran away with serious injuries.Sadly the giraffe succumbed to the injuries later and was found dead by the sanctuary’s scouts […]