Monthly Archives: December 2007

Somali House(Herio)

Communities sorounding the sanctuary are mainly pastoral somali communities who are traditinally nomads and moves around with ther livestock in serach pasture and water. To facilitate this, the community have traditional houses made of grasses and other plant materials popularly known as herio. The house is normally circular in shape as you can see in […]

Wild dogs in Ijara and Garissa

Imagine sighting one of the most endangered animals in Kenya in this remote corner of the country. i encountered this rare animals in Ijara ( southern part of Garissa district now given district status). We took this pictures recently while we were taken round a visiting professor from Germany. Wild dogs are critically endangered in […]

Emerging Threats in the sanctuary

Dear readers This post is just to share with you some of management issues we are currently facing in the sanctuary. Their are number of human activities which are currently exerting great pressure in the habitats of the giraffes. one such problem is charcoal burning which is the biggest threats to the Acacias in the […]