Monthly Archives: November 2008

Donkeys bare the Burden

North Eastern province has one of the largest concentration of livestock in East Africa, majority of the people being pastoralist. Most of the people depend on livestock for their daily bread, in additions donkeys and camels are used as the most common means of transport within the pastoral landscape . However, donkeys are regarded low class […]

Tomatoes floods Garissa

Farmers in garissa town loose thousands of shillings every yeaar due to over production of tomatoes due to poor marketing strategies. The seasonal ripening of tomatoes allows wastage  as their are no factories to process this perishable  fruit. One of the farmers who I taked to Mrs Hayi Hassan in the photo above  expressed concern and requested […]

The Scouts of the Sanctuary

Name ID/No. photo Unit Mobile and Mpesa Account Mohamud Garat Ali 21463484 Deputy head 0727025119 Mohamud  Abdi Dahir 23506313 Anti Poaching 0713750573 Ibrahim  Abdi Gure 13120661   Surveillance 0713401861 Roble Dirow yussuf 3518132 Anti poaching 0723139488 Hassan Gure Bulale 25008575 Surveillance 07248799211 Siyat Bundid Haji 22954683 Surveillance 0725950212 Abdullahi Adan Elmi 9085960 Anti poaching 0714776488 […]

Road accidents major threat to wildlife in Garissa

Dear readers It sad to mention that due to low level of awareness among the locals and increased negative attitude towards large carnivores in the area, hyenas, lions and cheetahs are being killed wherever they encounter with motorist or pastoralist. Crude methods such as knocking down, spearing and poisoning are employed to control carnovores in […]