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Finally we got the computer

Greeting to all the friends of the giraffe sanctuary. I am glad to inform you that we finally  purchased the computer which we seriously needed for our work. I would like to say thank you for all those who contributed towards this machine that will help save many giraffes in the arids areas of kenya.

Urgent appeal for a Computer.

The giraffes in our sanctuary are doing extremely well and the community are increasingly positive and supportive. I wish I could keep you updated more frequently but in order to make posts on my blog I need to walk 5 km to Garissa and download photos from my camera into a computer at an internet cafe. This can be very inconvenient due to the queues, delays and cost. It means I can’t write my posts from the field which is what I really want to do …

Having a computer is more important than the blog,however, I really need to have continuous access to a computer to record the data on giraffes and community activities, to prepare documents, trainings and reports.

Today my biggest hurdle is getting a computer. It cost me USD 1000 to buy a lap top in Nairobi or Mombasa. Please help if you can by making a donation towards the first Giraffe Sanctuary computer. WildlifeDirect have promised to help me to purchase the machine once I have the donations, and to provide the necessary software.

Thank you all for hearing my plea

Abdulahi Hussein
Manager, The Giraffe Sanctuary