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Environmntal education for schools

meeting-with-wck.JPGHappy new year to all of you out there. we are doing well, just adjusting to the post election violence in our country, but thinks have normalised. As a way of creating awareness among school children the Giraffe sanctuary committee in collaboration with wildlife clubs of kenya (WCK) representatives at the district level, are intending to start awareness programmes for school children. This will take in the form of the Talks, lectures, video shows, tree planting activities, seminars, clean up activities and conservation rallies. We actually intending to involve other stakeholders to raise some fund for these activities.We will be very much assisted by Mr. Mohamed Ahmed who is the WCK representative for the region. We had along discussion moments with mr. Mohamed and agreed on how to share tasks. The picture above shows one of our discusion meetings at the sanctuary, on the righthand side is Mr. mohamed, myself on the left with the sanctaury chairman at the centre.